Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | February 28, 2013

Universal Access to Energy: Getting the Framework Right – Energy Policy free supplement issue

Energy Policy, The International Journal of the Political, Economic, Planning, Environmental and Social Aspects of Energy, published a supplement issue back in June 2012 that focused on key issues concerning the lack of access to energy for many of the world’s poor. Titled Universal access to energy: Getting the framework right, and supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this special issue details a series of initiatives in Africa and Asia that may go some way towards resolving the limited access to energy in parts of both continents.

The special issue can be accessed in full for free.

The Table of Contents is reproduced below:

1 Editorial Board (Page IFC)

2 Foreword (Page 1)

3 Preface (Page 2)

4 Widening energy access in Africa: Towards energy transition (Pages 3-10)
Youba Sokona, Yacob Mulugetta, Haruna Gujba

5 Energy access: Revelations from energy consumption patterns in rural India (Pages 11-20)
Leena Srivastava, Anandajit Goswami, Gaurang Meher Diljun, Saswata Chaudhury

6 Understanding the political economy and key drivers of energy access in addressing national energy access priorities and policies: African Perspective (Pages 21-26)
Smail Khennas

7 Understanding the political economy and key drivers of energy access in addressing national energy access priorities and policies (Pages 27-37)
I.H. Rehman, Abhishek Kar, Manjushree Banerjee, Preeth Kumar, Martand Shardul, Jeevan Mohanty, Ijaz Hossain

8 Enabling innovations in energy access: An African perspective (Pages 38-47)
Lawrence Agbemabiese, Jabavu Nkomo, Youba Sokona

9 New partnerships and business models for facilitating energy access (Pages 48-55)
Akanksha Chaurey, P.R. Krithika, Debajit Palit, Smita Rakesh, Benjamin K. Sovacool

10 Measuring and monitoring energy access: Decision-support tools for policymakers in Africa (Pages 56-63)
Yohannes G. Hailu

11 Moving towards tangible decision-making tools for policy makers: Measuring and monitoring energy access provision (Pages 64-70)
Jaya Bhanot, Vivek Jha

12 Financing low carbon energy access in Africa (Pages 71-78)
Haruna Gujba, Steve Thorne, Yacob Mulugetta, Kavita Rai, Youba Sokona

13 A case study for sustainable development action using financial gradients (Pages 79-86)
Arnab Bose, Aditya Ramji, Jarnail Singh, Dhairya Dholakia

14 Financing off-grid sustainable energy access for the poor (Pages 87-93)
Yannick Glemarec


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