Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | August 24, 2012

Matthew MacLellan and Margrit Talpalaru: Remaking the Commons, special issue

Guest editors for Reviews in Culture, Matthew MacLellan and Margrit Talpalaru, have quite correctly asserted in the opening paragraph of their editorial for the journal’s special issue Remaking the Commons that:

“It is difficult to think of a political concept that has been as impoverished by decades of neoliberalization as “the commons.” It is has been almost four years since approximately three decades’ worth of market deregulation culminated in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and aside from the initial reverberations of a global occupation movement, centered in Wall Street, there seems to have been very little recognition that the health of any society should be measured from the ground up, not the top down.”

This special issue, which can be download here, offers the reader a diverse collection of thoughts on the potential this concept can have in helping to find alternatives for our collective futures in spite of the degradations brought on by free-market deregulation and the bankruptcy of neoliberalizm more generally. For anyone interested in re-interpreting the idea of “the commons” this special issue is well worth the read.

Matthew MacLellan and Margrit Talpalaru’s editorial can be accessed in full here.

The special issue, Remaking the Commons, can be downloaded in full here.


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