Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | August 18, 2012

Mike Barnard: “Want to save 70 million birds a year? Build more wind farms”

Research into levels of avian and bat mortality from wind turbines continue to inform debates around wind farm suitability especially in sensitive areas across the EU and North America where bird migration corridors and protected habitat are factors, with contributors Kingsley and Whittam (2005) and Smallwood (2007) to name but two. Mike Barnard offers us an interesting addition to this debate, suggesting that by “replacing all fossil fuel generation with wind turbines world-wide would save roughly 70 MILLION birds’ lives annually [and that] wind energy is actually the form of generation with the lowest impact on wildlife.” Barnard goes on to claim that “wind farms kill less than 0.0001 per cent of birds killed by human actions annually, and perhaps 0.00000075 per cent of birds on the planet annually” (Barnard, 2012). Is Barnard correct? Please fell free to share your opinions.

Mike Barnard’s article for can be accessed here.





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