Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | July 27, 2012

Portuguese Solar Electricity Utility Plans To Export Energy Direct To Northern European Markets

Rui Horta e Costa, founder of the Portuguese solar company Luz.On, is planning to export electricity to Germany. In a similar move to that envisaged by Eddie O’Connor’s Mainstream Renewable Power and Element Power‘s efforts to export wind-generated electricity to the UK (reported a number of weeks ago on this blog) the former head of finance of Portugal’s largest utility, Energias de Portugal (EDP), aims to export solar electricity directly to foreign markets with generous feed-in tariffs. In this case northern European countries such as Germany. Luz.On may face a number of obstacles to the project, however, given some of Portugal’s energy-export laws. Horta e Costa has also called for the national grids on the Iberian peninsula to be linked together under one overarching regulator in order to free up the movement of electricity across national boundaries to the markets that need them. Experience in Ireland may go on to inform this development if it were to go ahead. The All-island Project is a joint initiative run by Ireland’s Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) & the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR), which set up a single market for natural gas and electricity on an island-of-Ireland basis with the launch of The Single Electricity Market (SEM) on 1st November 2007.

Bloomberg’s report on Luz.On’s plans can be accessed here.


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