Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | July 17, 2012

Is “Energiewende” slipping off the German political agenda? At the very least its “energy transition” is hitting a few speed bumps…

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has recently rowed back on some of the promises made by her government’s “Energiewende” or energy transition project. Rather than minimising fossil fuel use, as originally intended, the Merkel government now accepts that fossil fuels will remain firmly within Germany’s energy mix. Critics of Energiewende have attacked it claiming that the transition to renewable energy in Germany has seen a rapid rise in costs to the consumer, a contention that is roundly dismissed by Paul Hockenos in his article on the Renewable Energy World website. Hockenos argues that has been the doubling in the cost of coal that has pushed up prices, not the relatively smaller cost of favouring renewable energy in the overall energy mix. In fact the cost of photovoltaic technology has plummeted in recent years, which can only be good news for the planned European Supergrid with its connection to the proposed DESERTEC solar network for the Middle East and North Africa.


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