Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | July 11, 2012

ESB: Fully Charged 2012, Ireland first to trial Europe-wide EV IT platform

Fully Charged 2012, an International electric vehicle summit organised by ESB ecars on behalf of the Green eMotion EU project, was launched this morning (11th July) by Ireland’s Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte. Ireland is set to become the first country to trial a new electric vehicle IT platform that will enable international roaming and seamless charging across the European Union. In much the same way as consumers currently use EU mobile phone and banking services across the trading bloc, Irish drivers of electric vehicles will soon be able to charge their cars while driving on the continent. Payments will then be made via their home account, much like the roaming services offered by today’s mobile phone companies.

“As one of the ten demonstration regions within Green eMotion, Ireland has been selected as the first test region because of its advanced charge point network which already covers 82% of the country’s main towns and cities. This roll-out is based on, and supported by university conducted end-user and vehicle research trials which commenced in 2010. The Green eMotion project is focused on achieving mass market adoption of electric vehicles through the development of standards, policies and interoperable systems so that motorists can easily charge anytime and anywhere in Europe.*” (ESB, 2012)

The ESB’s press release for today’s event can be accessed here.

*Source: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants


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