Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | July 4, 2012

SEAI launches its consultation document Towards Best Practice In Planning And Implementing Renewable Energy Projects

Yesterday, I attended the SEAI’s Towards Best Practice In Planning And Implementing Renewable Energy Projects consultative forum where they launched “A Methodology for Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies”. This public consultation document has five key objectives, which can be summarised as follows:

  • to provide information and support to local authorities wishing to create a Renewable Energy Strategy
  • to facilitate consistency in the generation of local authority renewable energy strategies
  • to support local authorities in the development of specific policies and objectives in their development plans
  • to assist local authorities in providing transparent information to the public and prospective developers on the future development of renewable energy within a local authority area
  • to facilitate a consistent identification of key renewable energy resources and development areas by local authorities

Comments are invited from the general public, local authorities, renewable energy planners and developers, along with other interested parties and can be made to on or before 5th October 2012.

As the organisers of yesterday’s event acknowledge: “Planning and social acceptance will continue to be live challenges as renewable energy deployment targets and achievements grow, and it is intended to follow through on this event with an ongoing structured engagement on these issues” (SEAI, 2012).

This document and of the template for submitting comments can be downloaded from here.

The SEAI also published its latest assessment of renewable energy in Ireland Renewable Energy in Ireland 2011, which can be downloaded here.


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