Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 28, 2012

Time to take our foot off the gas? The role of gas in UK energy security

Mike Bradshaw, Prof. of Human Geography at the University of Leicester, has written a report for Friends of the Earth on the role of gas in UK energy security, which they have just published. Links to the report can be accessed here.


Friends of the Earth have just published a report that I wrote for them on the role of gas in UK energy security. The report exams the UK’s gas balance and the interrelationship between UK energy strategy and Carbon Budgets; on the one hand, and recent and projected levels of gas demand and import dependency on the other. It then employs a supply chain approach to examine the different dimensions of gas security of supply. At present, UK Government policy seems to be one of ‘gas by default’ whereby we may be drifting into a ‘second dash for gas’ to compensate for policy failures elsewhere. This approach could lead to higher levels of gas consumption in the energy mix, which will compromise our climate change targets and potentially expose the UK to increased energy security risks. In such a context, what is required is ‘gas by design’ that recognises the role…

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