Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 27, 2012

Michael Klare: Is Barack Obama morphing into Dick Cheney? (European Energy Review)

Michael KlareWriting recently for the European Energy Review, Prof. Michael Klare provides an excellent analysis of the current Obama Administration’s position on the global geopolitical energy stage. Klare argues quite convincingly that Barak Obama has become (in the words of Aaron David Miller) somewhat akin to “George W. Bush on steroids”, or more accurately his policies mirror those of Bush’s Vice-President Dick Cheney. While Prof. Klare’s argument is too detailed to reproduce here, his contention is that the Obama Administration has rather worryingly re-applied the Bush-Cheney doctrine of aggressive, geopolitical manoeuvring in pursuit of its own energy strategies. Policies that have already helped to alienate Russia and China with the previous administration.

Michael Klare’s full article, which is highly recommended, can be accessed here.


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