Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 24, 2012

Saleem Ali’s review of Rents to Riches: The Political Economy of Natural Resource-Led Development

Writing for National Geographic’s Newswatch, Saleem Ali (University of Vermont, USA) provides a concise, thought-provoking book review of Rents to Riches: The Political Economy of Natural Resource-Led Development. Ali states that:

“The book provides a structural critique of natural resource economies at the level of public sector institutions. Organizations such as EITI [Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative] would be well-advised to consider governmental structures in their quest for transparency. The authors divide the two key areas for potential intervention by the development community: a) resource rents generation clusters such as resource ministries, state-owned enterprises and private companies, and b) resource rent distribution clusters such as sector agencies, public investment contractors and beneficiaries. They then go on to analyze data globally for indicators on institutional effectiveness such as political inclusiveness and inter-temporal policy coordination. While some of these indicators may appear opaque at first glance, they serve to remind us that merely focusing on easy variables like “transparency” is not likely to solve the ‘resource curse.'” (Ali, 2012)

His article can be read in full here.


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