Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 23, 2012

How “Sustainability” was high-jacked by “Sustained Growth” #Rio+20

George Monbiot, writing on the Guardian’s website yesterday, describes how the concept of sustainablity has been high-jacked by the free-market acolytes (for whom it must be said should more accurately be called “free-markets for some, but definitely not all”), and morphed it into the cosy, business-as-usual paradigm of “sustained growth”. Yet another depressing outcome from Rio+20.

Monbiot writes:

In 1992 world leaders signed up to something called “sustainability”. Few of them were clear about what it meant; I suspect that many of them had no idea. Perhaps as a result, it did not take long for this concept to mutate into something subtly different: “sustainable development”. Then it made a short jump to another term: “sustainable growth”. And now, in the 2012 Earth Summit text that world leaders are about to adopt, it has subtly mutated once more: into “sustained growth”. (Monbiot, 2012)

George Monbiot’s article can be read in full here.


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