Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 13, 2012

Urban Rusnák: “The Energy Charter Treaty is entering a crucial phase”

In an interview with Karel Beckman for the European Energy Review, Urban Rusnák (Secretary-General of the Energy Charter) describes what he sees happening for the Energy Charter Treaty in the short to medium term.

“The next few years are crucial for the future of the Energy Charter Treaty. If it does not manage to expand its constituency and to adapt its rules to a changing world, it risks remaining a regional player in Eurasia, says Urban Rusnák, the new Secretary-General of the Energy Charter Secretariat, in an interview with EER. According to Rusnák, who started his job on the 1st of January this year, the Energy Charter Treaty is unique in that provides a legally binding set of rules for international energy investments. ‘At a time when the energy sector is faced with the need to invest huge amounts of capital, the Energy Charter Treaty is uniquely suited to reduce risk premiums and supply the framework for global energy governance that the world so badly needs.'”

The full interview for the European Energy Review can be accessed here.

“The fundamental aim of the Energy Charter Treaty is to strengthen the rule of law on energy issues, by creating a level playing field of rules to be observed by all participating governments, thereby mitigating risks associated with energy-related investment and trade.”

The Energy Charter Treaty website can be accessed here.


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