Posted by: Dr. Breffni Lennon | June 9, 2012

Developing Europe’s integrated electricity smart-grid is contingent on resolving the EU’s banking crisis

With the recent launch (25th May 2012) of Ireland’s Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 document, Europe takes another step closer to developing an integrated electricity smart-grid infrastructure.

The document is correct in claiming that: “in implementing the policies set out in this Strategy, the renewable energy sector affords a major opportunity for growth and employment creation in Ireland. Employment opportunities in relation to renewable energy will also arise in the areas of manufacturing and assembly, services (including ICT) and the supply chain.  Ireland can also become a global leader in research and development in renewable energy and related technologies, including Smart Grids.” However, without a resolution to Europe’s continuing banking crisis the capital needed to invest in such developments will not materialise, especially not at the indigenous level.  Therefore a deal that goes towards resolving the banking needs to be agreed upon sooner, rather than later. Ireland’s Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has suggested as much in recent parliamentary debates (Read the Irish Times article here).

A copy of the Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 document can be accessed here.


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